Full and partial shipments to/from Western Europe

We started providing these services not so long ago, in 2002. However, due to intensive work and well-chosen partners today we can deliver the cargo of any size from any Western European country. We deliver part cargoes every week, by cooperating with partners. Therefore, the clients always know when the cargoes are coming. We always deliver cargoes “from doors to doors”. We offer for our clients several options of delivery and help them to choose the one, which is the best for them in the particular case. We always seek the most optimal proportion of price and quality. Operational efficiency is considered to be the priority of full cargo shipment from/to Western Europe. We do our best so that the cargo could reach the destination as soon as possible. The ongoing control of shipment and our high qualified personnel will let you forget all the concerns related with cargo shipment. You will give them to reliable hands.

Full and partial shipments to/from Central and Eastern Europe

We have been providing these services since the very beginning of our activity in the field of transport. Long-lasting and consistent work enabled us to attract many clients and to form the permanent cargo flow. Therefore, we are not concerned if you need to transport 100 kg or 24 t and it is not important for us, where to load the cargo. We can do that. And we can do that expeditiously. Experienced workers are always ready to help you to choose the most optimal way of delivery. We will offer you an individual solution, which allows transporting the cargo from this region with regard to priorities, which are the most important for you. We transport all cargoes “from doors to doors”. We always contact cargo senders and agree on the precise time of cargo loading, in order to optimise our work. We are saving your and our time. Our main advantages in this field include regular cargo shipment from these countries, operational work and flexible attitude towards the client.

Cargo expediting

Safe and reliable door-to-door cargo delivery

Individual logistics solutions